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Heritage Premises

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Bay de Verde Heritage Committee


Gerald Riggs, Chairman
Brendan Doyle, Vice-Chairman
Molly Walsh, Secretary / Treasurer
Carl Riggs, Heritage House Manager


Lisa Morrissey
Margaret Riggs
Darlene Hatch
Maureen Norris
Jackie Broderick
Blake Potter

The Bay de Verde Heritage House was built in 1896 by Mr. John Blundon and family of Bay de Verde. Mr. Blundon was a local merchant who owned schooners and traded along the coast. The house was built to accommodate his lifestyle.

The structure of the house is a good example of Merchant Class Victorian housing built on a gable-ell plan with a five sided front porch and fine interior and exterior detailing. It was built in two sections. The main section with its larger rooms, higher ceilings and more elaborate staircase was occupied by the Blundon family.

The servants quarters with its smaller rooms, lower ceilings and smaller staircase was occupied by both male and female servants, shipped men, sharemen and sailors. The servant girl's bedroom is still intact.

The house was donated by Mrs. Dorothy Blundon and family to the Town of Bay de Verde on September 16, 1996 (exactly 100 years after it was constructed). It is now preserved and used as a Heritage House.


Items of Interest at the Heritage Premises

•  Unique architecture and style of the Bay de Verde Heritage House
•  Baccalieu Island Exhibit
•  More than 800 historical artifacts
•  Replicas of a Traditional Fishing stage, Cod Trap, Baccalieu Island Lighthouse, Longliner and others - all locally made and donated
•  Research Room with information and photos of War Veterans, Cemetery Records, Church Baptismal and Marriage Records,  & Family Trees
•  Boardwalk from the Heritage House to the waterfront - complete with murals along the way
•  Additional boardwalk to the top level of Blundon's Point with The Spring Well along the way
•  Blundon Family Cemetery
•  Fish Store and Flake
•  Twine Loft and Root Cellar


Our 10,000th Visitor

On August 3rd, 2005 at 11:00 am - Robert and Catherine Postma of Ottawa, Ontario signed the Heritage House Guestbook. This was the 10,000th signature since the opening of the Bay de Verde Heritage House and Baccalieu Island Exhibit in 1999.    

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Events Calendar
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Baccalieu Exhibit
Heritage Guest Book
Photo Gallery | Heritage Premises
Mission Statement
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